Since 1982, AESA has specialized in what has become its main task: the research and development of high efficiency energy solutions for its customers, specially in the fields of cogeneration, bioenergy and energy recovery. Always from an independent position and based on the solvency and professionalism of its work teams.

As a result of this work, today we have 156 reference facilities, which account for almost 1,300 MWe and 3,000 MWt.

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We are more than 30 professionals, most of us engineers, and we have offices in Barcelona (headquarters), Mexico City and Cartagena de Indias. Our projects have been developed in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. We have also developed consulting services in France, Tunisia, Peru, Argentina and Chile. List of studies and consultancies done by AESA. List of estudies and consultancies developed by AESA327.54 KB 


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Management team 


    JM Roqueta       Raimon Argemi

 José María Roqueta

Ph.D. of Engineering


Founding Partner


Raimon Argemí

Master of Engineering

General Manager

CEO of AESA México and AESA Colombia

     Alex Almazan       Alfons Cerdan

Àlex Almazán

Master of Engineering

Technical Director


Alfons Cerdán

Master of Engineering

MD for Operations 


     Ricard Vila        

Ricard Vila

Master of Engineering

MD for Consulting





The diversity of technologies and knowledge needed for the different activities developed by AESA have led to the creation of specialized working groups that often have become new companies where AESA is involved. A sufficient general knowledge of its staff is granted due the previous experience in AESA.
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Exclusive representation of Capstone in Spain and Portugal. It offers solutions based on Capstone microturbines: supply, turnkey projects, integral maintenance and leasing solutions.


Energy management software solutions: SCADA, energy monitoring and control engineering.


Biogas equipment specialists. They offer equipment  and envirommental control solutions: deodorization, desulfuration systems, torches, coolers, gasometers, etc.


Property software development

Since its origin, AESA has always invested in the development of property software. AESA’s software allows its engineers to analyse alternatives and improvements, quickly and accurately, in thermodynamic processes in such a way that otherwise would have resulted in prohibitive costs and terms for a project. Using its software, AESA ensures that all calculation procedures are always followed in the same way and that the experience of all the company remains, accumulates and its transmitted. In chronological order, the following softwares, should be highlighted:

  • WinPRECOG: Developed to carry out feasibility studies of cogeneration plants.

  • WinPRECLIMA: Feasibility studies and air-conditioning installations configuration.

  • WinDES: Feasibility studies and district heating and cooling networks configuration.

  • SAD: Data acquisition and tele-management software for cogeneration plants.

  • PROGÁS: Natural gas properties and transport analysis software.

  • TESYS (Total Energy System Simulation). Used for simulation and design of cogeneration plants and general processes.

  • RASYS (Rapid-Analysis). Used for pre-feasibility studies of cogeneration plants in different regulatory, economic and energy scenarios for different industrial facilities.

Our activity over the last 25 years has made us worthy of several awards and nominations of great prestige, such as:

  • Awards for energy saving in industrial entities (Generalitat de Catalunya) for cogeneration projects of AESA:


    • 1994 - CLARIANACAL

    • 1996 - COPAGA

  • Honourable Mention to the council of Sant Pere de Torelló for the project developed by AESA that meant the first biomass plant and district heating and cooling network in the municipality.


  • Creativity awards (Catalonia's College of Engineers) for projects signed by AESA:

    • 1992 - VALL D'HEBRON HOSPITAL COMPLEX - First trigeneration plant (electricity, heat and absorption cooling).

    • 2003 - SOCIEDAD ESPAÑOLA DE ALIMENTOS - Energy production using coffee wastes as fuel in torsional combustion chamber and flash dryer.

  • Nomination for the Príncipe Felipe business excellence award:

    • 2005 and 2008 - AESA was nominated in the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy category.


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A sufficient general knowledge of its staff is granted due the previous experience in AESA.

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