Economic and energy analysis of the operation of Nestle’s cogeneration plant in Girona

Nestlé asked AESA to carry out an economic and energy analysis of the operation of its cogeneration plant in Girona in order to identify the operation mode that minimizes energy costs (natural gas, electricity, emissions, operation and maintenance) of the factory. To do this, the following items were developed:

  • Study of the advisability of keeping the cogeneration plant in continuous operation or with an appropriate stoppages program.
  • Determination of the optimal operation mode of the cogeneration plant.
  • Study on the advisability of connecting electrically Dolce Gusto plant.
  • Estimation of the energy costs associated with the plant of Nestlé in Girona.
  • Study of natural gas and electricity supply contracts.
  • Study of the cogeneration plant in different future and economic scenarios

Client: Nestlé S.A.

Type: Others

Sector: Food

Year: 2014

Country: Spain

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