Energetic applications

Most of our projects and studies focus on any of these applications: cogeneration (combined heat and power generation), District Heating and Cooling (DH&C) and bioenergy (energy and/or heat generation with biofuels). It would be difficult to find efficient generation systems that do not involve at least one of these technologies.

In AESA we are available to help you in any project, study or audit related to the efficient use of energy.

Cogeneration is a technology that allows to obtain high efficiencies through simultaneous generation of heat and electricity. Therefore, it is only applicable in those facilities where there is a significant thermal demand. Nowadays, there are many different technologies that allow the design of cogeneration plants with virtually no power limitations, from domestic to large power plants with hundreds of megawatts.

AESA has implemented in its projects all kinds of technologies: microturbines, reciprocating engines (Otto and Diesel cycle), gas turbines, steam turbines, simple and combined cycles, steam applications, drying processes, cooling, hot water, thermal oil, … We know that each project is a tailor-made suit to be designed under objective criteria to match our costumers demand on energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

High efficiency District Heating and Cooling networks represent one of the most important opportunities for improving energy efficiency and sustainability in our urban environments. The use of waste heat sources, biomass and cogeneration, properly combined, allow us to get closer to reducing emissions targets.

AESA has proven experience in design of district heating and cooling networks with procedures and tools for its analysis and evaluation, so AESA is the best choice to achieve your objectives in this area.

An energy efficient development requires the maximum use of bioenergy sources. Its wide variety requires very detailed analysis and appropriate experience so that studies and later processes and equipment that will be used, meet the expectations of performance, availability and operating costs.

AESA has developed studies and projects with a wide range of biofuels: forestry residues, industrial wastes of very different types, agro-industrial wastes, biogas, etc. This provides us the knowledge and experience that these applications demand.

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