Cogeneration is a technology that allows to obtain high efficiencies through simultaneous generation of heat and electricity. Therefore, it is only applicable in those facilities where there is a significant thermal demand. Nowadays, there are many different technologies that allow the design of cogeneration plants with virtually no power limitations, from domestic to large power plants with hundreds of megawatts.

AESA has implemented in its projects all kinds of technologies: microturbines, reciprocating engines (Otto and Diesel cycle), gas turbines, steam turbines, simple and combined cycles, steam applications, drying processes, cooling, hot water, thermal oil, … We know that each project is a tailor-made suit to be designed under objective criteria to match our costumers demand on energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

Cogeneration plant in KAO Corporation

Substantial refurbishment of the existing cogeneration plant of KAO Corporation replacing its gas turbine for other with grater electrical output.

Cogeneration plant in Propilco

Cogeneration plant of 4.8MW based on a simple cycle with a gas turbine capable to producing steam at two pressure levels.

Cogeneration plant in SEDA

4.8 MW simple cycle cogeneration plant with a gas turbine and a HRSG able to produce 15 t/h of saturated steam.

Cogeneration plant in National Zinc

Design and construction of a new 14.9MW combined cycle cogeneration plant for the supply of steam and electricity to Zinc Nacional-Monterrey.

Cogeneration plant in Fermic

Self-supply cogeneration plant (title granted by the CRE) based on a 15.22 MW simple cycle with two gas engines.

Cogeneration plant in UIPSA

Replacement of current cogeneration plant for a new one based on a gas turbine combined cycle of about 33.6 MW.

Cogeneration plant in Ajover

5MW cogeneration plant for the supply of steam, electricity and thermal oil to the chemical industry that AJOVER has in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia).

Cogeneration plant in Coelima

Planta constituida por un grupo motogenerador a fuel oil de 6,5 MW, con generación de 3.5 t/h de vapor por recuperación y agua caliente a 85 ºC.

Cogeneration plant in Clarianacal

The cogeneration plant, with a power output of 4MW, was based on a simple cycle with a gas turbine whose exhaust gases were used in three dryers.

Cogeneration plant in BASF - Tarragona

Simple cycle cogeneration plant with a 7MW gas turbine and a HRSG with afterburner which was designed to operate as an emergency plant and some years later was extended to 13 MW.

Cogeneration plant in Fibrán

Cogeneration plant based on a simple cycle with three gas engines able to produce about 5.8 MWe and 6.7 MWt of hot water at 90-92ºC.

Cogeneration plant in FYDSA

Cogeneration plant with a very unusual and particular configuration: a combined cycle with a gas engine and a backpressure steam turbine.

Cogeneration plant in Fuertes

Cogeneration plant based on a 6.5 MW (on site) simple cycle with a diesel engine and a heat recovery steam generator that produced 5 t/h of saturated steam at 9 barg.

Cogeneration plant in Fibrarel

Combined cycle cogeneration plant based on an 8.8 MW gas turbine, whose exhaust gases were used to produce superheated steam (35 bar and 400ºC).

Cogeneration plant in Alco

Cogeneration plant with a fuel-oil engine in simple cycle, that can produce 3.2 t/h of saturated steam at 13 bar and hot water for production process.

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