Cogeneration plant in Fermic


FERMIC has in its facilities, since 2001, a cogeneration plant developed by AESA in three phases:

In 2001, a self-supply cogeneration plant (title granted by the CRE), based on a 4.17MW simple cycle with two gas engines that allowed the generation of 3.57 t/h of steam at 7 bar (g) with a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), was constructed.

In 2013, an extension of the cogeneration plant was carried out, with the installation of two additional gas engines of 2.5 MWe each one, that allowed the generation of 7.6 t/h of steam at 7 bar (g). The heat from the engines cooling circuit is used for cold production with two single effect absorption chillers, with 700 and 200 tons of chilling capacity.

The third phase, carried out in 2015, consisted of the installation of two additional gas engines (the same as the previous ones). With this extension, the simple cycle cogeneration plant has 15.22MW on site power production capacity and with its two existing HRSG can produce 8.98 t/h of steam at 7 bar(g). The heat from the cooling circuits of all engines allows the production of 5,235 kWf of cold water. 

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Tecnology: Reciprocating engine

Power Range: from 10 to 25 MW

Fuel: Natural Gas

Country: Mexico

City: Del. Iztapalapa

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