Reconstruction of the trigeneration plant of Vall d’Hebron Hospital


Expansion, upgrading and operational restoration of the trigeneration plant of Vall d’Hebron Hospital through the installation of a new gas turbine, maintaining the existing heat recovery steam generator and the absorption chillers for cold generation. The replacement of the gas turbine was necessary because, the previous one had reached the end of its useful life, and ageing had modified its performances. Interventions in high voltage, low voltage, natural gas, pipelines and civil works installations were made to locate adequately the new gas turbine in the existing installation.

The installed turbine is regenerative and has the peculiarity of using the residual energy of the exhaust gases from the combustion chamber to preheat, in a heat exchanger, the air entering through the intake system after being compressed in the compressor. After that preheating, the air is introduced in the combustion chamber. High specific power and efficiency may be obtained with this process.

The new plant with 4.2MWe of electric power, allows the production of 10.8 t/h of steam without using the afterburner or 15 t/h when the afterburner is running, and 11.000kW of cold production.

Client: IDAE

Tecnology: Simple cycle gas turbine

Power Range: < 5MW

Fuel: Natural Gas

Country: Spain

City: Barcelona

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