Cogeneration plant in SEAT Martorell


Refurbishment and extension of the existing cogeneration plant of SEAT in its factory in Martorell, which was based on a combined cycle, with a 12.3 MW gas turbine and a 7.5 MW steam turbine. The refurbishment consisted on:

  • Replacement of the gas turbine by a new one with higher power (14.6 MW). The different flow and temperature conditions of the new gas turbine exhaust gases resulted in an increase in steam production (from 17.5 t/h to 21.5 t/h).
  • The steam turbine and the existing heat recovery steam generator HRSG (consisting of super-heater, vaporizer and economizer) remained unchanged.
  • A new afterburner was installed to replace the existing one. The new one was less powerful but allowed the same maximum steam flow rate generation (55 t/h), since the existing afterburner produced unusual CO concentrations when working at high loads.
  • Replacement of the existing gases bypass of the HRSG because it presented some gas leaks and the drive shafts presented reliability problems in its manoeuvring.
  • In the existing HRSG a new heat recovery exchanger after the economizer was installed to generate hot water that was used to produce cold water with a new absorption chiller.
  • A new NOx continuous monitoring system of exhaust gases was installed.
  • All works required to properly implement all changes in the plant were made.


Tecnology: Combined cycle gas turbine

Power Range: from 10 to 25 MW

Fuel: Natural Gas

Country: Spain

City: Barcelona

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