Cogeneration plant in Clarianacal


The cogeneration plant, with a power output of 4MW, was based on a simple cycle with a gas turbine whose exhaust gases were used in three dryers.

The installed gas turbine has a flow similar to the total gases flow required, while its temperature is lower than the required in two of the dryers.

For the dryer I, whose required temperature is lower than the exhaust gases from the gas turbine, it was adopted the solution of mixing exhaust gases with fresh air in order to get the required temperature in the dryer.

For the dryer II, it was installed an after burner which allowed to increase the heat contained in the gases when it was required by the drying process.

Finally, for the dryer III, that operated at a pressure substantially greater than the available in the exhaust gases from the turbine, was necessary to use a heat exchanger for preheating the inlet air to the dryer, thus decreasing the amount of gas consumed by the burner.


Tecnology: Simple cycle gas turbine

Power Range: < 5MW

Fuel: Natural Gas

Country: Spain

City: Arboç (Tarragona)

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