Cogeneration plant in Fibrán


The cogeneration plant consists of a simple cycle with three gas engines, with capacity to produce about 5.8 MW of electricity, 6.77MWt of hot water at 90-92ºC: 3.13 MWt by heat recovery from the engine high temperature cooling circuits and 3.64 MWt from heat recovery hot water generators using the engines’ exhaust gases.

It has three identical and independent lines with a gas engine and a hot water generator, so that the plant is highly flexible and modular.




Tecnology: Reciprocating engine

Power Range: from 5 to 10 MW

Fuel: Natural Gas

Country: Spain

City: Sant Joan de les Abadeses (Girona)

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Cogeneration plant in Fermic

Self-supply cogeneration plant (title granted by the CRE) based on a 15.22 MW simple cycle with two gas engines.

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Planta constituida por un grupo motogenerador a fuel oil de 6,5 MW, con generación de 3.5 t/h de vapor por recuperación y agua caliente a 85 ºC.

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