Trigeneration plant in Gaspar Peral y CIA


Trigeneration plant that produced electricity, cold and heat (steam and hot water).

It was installed a gas engine of 3 MW of electrical power. The heat contained in the engine’s exhaust gases was recovered in a steam generator that produced 2.7 t/h at 13 barg using an afterburner. Due to the lower oxygen percentage in the engine’s exhaust gases compared to gas turbine’s ones, it was required and additional input of fresh air.

Regarding to hot water, from high temperature (HT) cooling circuit of the engine, it was considered a double usage: oil preheating and heat source of an absorption chiller for cold water production. The HT cooling circuit (90/95ºC) was used to produce up to 190.000 frig/h in a cooling circuit (6/11ºC) that had always operated with an electrical chiller.

AESA carried out the feasibility study, basic engineering, request for quotations and bids comparison.


Tecnology: Reciprocating engine

Power Range: < 5MW

Fuel: Natural Gas

Country: Spain

City: Valencia

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