Cogeneration plant in FYDSA


After several studies developed by AESA, FYDSA decided to implement a cogeneration plant with a very unusual and particular configuration: a combined cycle with a gas engine (1.5 MW power output) and a backpressure steam turbine (about 1.5 MW power output). This solution, already quite unusual, had also some additional distinctive elements:

  • The heat contained in the exhaust gases of the engine are used in the economizer, of an existing boiler, to produce steam with the support of the boiler burner, that combined the use of natural gas and residual gases from the production processes of the factory. The steam generator had to be adapted to produce high pressure steam to feed the existing steam turbine by the addition of a superheater that FYDSA had already stored for its usage.
  • Hot water from the engine’s HT cooling circuit was used for combustion air and residual gases preheating.

As the plant was finally designed, it was possible to operate the plant in two different modes: with both engine and steam turbine operating or operate them separately. The plant was also prepared to operate in "island mode" with both generators (engine and turbine) operating.



Tecnology: Reciprocating engine

Power Range: < 5MW

Fuel: Natural Gas

Country: Spain

City: Almussafes (Valencia)

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