Cogeneration plant in Aprestos julià


Cogeneration plant based on a 1.5 MW gas engine in Otto cycle with a heat recovery steam generator using its exhaust gases and a heat recovery system from the engine’s cooling circuit to produce hot water for factory process.

The HRSG was installed to integrate to the maximum the new plant into the existing steam production system and minimize investment costs through the use of existing boilers for the steam generation process. This was achieved by installing two water-tube heat recovery exchangers with forced water circulation, one heat recovery exchanger used as economizer and the second one as vaporizer, so that the feed water is pumped to the economizer and thence to the existing boiler. From the existing boiler, the water received from the economizer is pumped to the vaporizer. The flow sent from the vaporizer to the existing boiler is a mixture of steam and water and it is separated in the existing boiler in two phases, obtaining the separation of saturated steam that is sent to distribution lines.



Tecnology: Reciprocating engine

Power Range: < 5MW

Fuel: Natural Gas

Country: Spain

City: Sabadell (Barcelona)

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