Cogeneration plant in Propilco

Propilco S.A.

Cogeneration plant of 4.4 MW based on a simple cycle with a gas turbine, able to producing steam at two pressure levels by a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) using exhaust gases from the gas turbine. The plant is able to produce 1 t/h of saturated steam at 55 bar(g) and 9.2 t/h of saturated steam at 40 bar(g).

Client: Propilco S.A.

Tecnology: Simple cycle gas turbine

Power Range: < 5MW

Fuel: Natural Gas

Country: Colombia

City: Cartagena de Índias

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Cogeneration plant in SEDA

4.8 MW simple cycle cogeneration plant with a gas turbine and a HRSG able to produce 15 t/h of saturated steam.

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