Power generation plant for the regasification plant in Port of Barcelona


Natural gas regasification plants (NGRP) are facilities that have the function of receiving liquefied natural gas from LNG ships, store and regasify by heat exchangers with seawater for subsequent distribution by gas pipelines at different pressures.

Natural gas expansion processes are carried out through expansion valves, so there is energy potential to produce useful work by expanding the natural gas.

With the aim of using this energy to produce electricity, a turbo generator was installed in parallel to the existing regulation valves, with a maximum capacity less or equal than the existing valves and with the same output pressure of them. With these items is possible to transform the energy released in the pressure drop into electrical energy.

The implemented solution was a maximum power generation plant of 4.3 MW, with a maximum flow of 440.000 Nm3/h.

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Client: ENAGÁS S.A.

Tecnology: Bioenergy

Power Range: < 5MW

Fuel: Others

Country: Spain

City: Barcelona

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