Cogeneration plant in KAO Corporation


Since 1991, KAO Corporation had, in its facilities in Mollet del Vallés, a simple cycle cogeneration plant based on a gas turbine (3.8 MW(ISO)) and a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), that produced 9 t/h of superheated steam at 14 bar(a) and 200ºC (up to 13 t/h using the afterburner).

In 2004, due to the fact that the plant was 13 years old, being at the end of its useful life, and after the approval of Royal Decree 436/2004, KAO decided to carry out a substantial refurbishment of it.

The refurbishment included the replacement of the existing gas turbine, for a powerful one (4.6 MW, ISO), replacement of the economizer of the HRSG, replacement of the mechanical interconnecting system (diverter, silencer and ducts), installation of a Data Acquisition System (DAS), civil works and other related facilities.


Tecnology: Simple cycle gas turbine

Power Range: < 5MW

Fuel: Natural Gas

Country: Spain

City: Mollet del Vallés (Barcelona)

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